Commercialization of a Low Cost Wafer Bumping Process for Flip Chip Applications

  • Andrew J.G. Strandjord, Scott F. Popelar, and Curt A. Erickson
    IC Interconnect
    1025 Elkton Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO
    Phone: 719-533-1030
    Fax: 719-533-1021

    The application of flip chip technology provides many advantages over conventional integrated circuit packaging techniques (i.e. wire bonding) in terms of cost, electrical performance, I/O density, package size, and reliability. However, widespread use of flip chip as a surface mount alternative has been slow to develop due to the multi-million dollar investment in capital equipment required to bump wafers using traditional bumping techniques (i.e. vapor deposition, photolithography, electroplating, etc.). To lower this barrier to commercialization, two lower cost wafer bumping techniques have been brought together and implemented into a high volume contract wafer bumping facility (IC Interconnect). This process combines some of the newly developed electroless nickel/gold deposition techniques (batch wet chemistry) with conventional stencil based solder printing technology. This paper describes the above wafer bumping process and some of the realities associated with taking these technologies from a laboratory environment into high volume production.

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