IC Interconnect offers a wide range of services to meet customer needs. In order that ICI might provide the most comprehensive response please fill out this RFQ with as much information as possible. ICI’s engineering staff will assess your requirements and evaluate them against our technology offerings in terms of process parameters and design rules. The sales staff will then be in a position to provide a budgetary quote for you to work with. In the event that this level of detail is premature, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your application.

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Basic Project Information

Contact Name:
Company Name:
Company Address:
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Device Name:
Services Requested:

A. Program Information

Application Description:
Files Available (select all that apply):

Program Status

In Production:
Wafer Volume:
Design in qualification:
Wafer Volume Forecast:
Additional Status'

B. General Wafer Information

Wafer Type
Other Wafer Type?:

Wafer Dimensions


Final Grind Condition

Select Condition:

Passivation Type

Select Type:
Other passivation type:


Thickness :

Backside Condition

Select Backside Condition:
Other backside condition:

C. Ni/Au Plating Related Information

Metal Composition

Aluminum %Al :
Aluminum %Si :
Aluminum %Cu :
Copper (100%) :
Other Metal Composition:

Pad Metal Thickness

t =
pad thickness ± variance:

Passivation Opening Size and Shape

dia =
Rect. x (width) =
Rect. y (height) =
Other shape dimentions:

Open Metal (other than pads to be bumped)

in the Streets:
in the Die:
open Fuses:

Wafer contains Ink Dots

Ink Dots:

Desired Ni Thickness

Ni Thickness t=

Minimum Spacing between open Metal

(edge to edge):

D. Solder Related Information

Bond Pad Layout

Full Area Array:
Peripheral (1 row) :
Peripheral (2 rows) :
Other Bond Pad Layout:

Solder Alloy

90Pb/10Sn :
95.5Sn/3.8Ag/0.7Cu :
Other Solder Alloy:
Minimum Pitch within a Die (centerline to centerline):
Minimum Pitch Die to Die (centerline to centerline):
Distance from Pad edge to Die edge:

Die Stepping Distance

Stepping dist. x =
Stepping dist. y =
Saw Street Width:

Solderable Metal Size and Shape (SM)

SM Round:
SM dia =
SM Rectangular:
SM Rect. x (width) =
SM Rect. y (height) =
SM Other shape dimentions:
Desired Solder Bump Height:

E. Laser Mark Related Information

Mark Color:
Number of Die per wafer:

Die Size

Die x=
Die y=
Number of Characters per Die:

Word Verification:


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