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Trying to understand all of your packaging options?

As the push for smaller, faster, cost reduced components drives much of the semiconductor industry, the impact of every facet of device design and manufacture is increasingly important. Unfortunately, it becomes all too easy, especially under time constraints, to overlook implications that today’s crucial decisions may have long term. At ICI, we strive to engage with our customers at the earliest possible point in conceptualization and design; in this way we are able to provide input when device layout begins to limit the options for future assembly-potentially impacting cost, reliability, and ultimate product success.



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logo-white-transparentChoices made here can significantly impact packaging options down the road. Don’t limit yourself! With much experience in the semiconductor industry, ICI’s early involvement during design phases helps customers make informed choices to position their product for success.    


Getting Started

How can ICI help you? We have provided a few options for how to get started with ICI below, based upon the stages at which we commonly receive inquiries:

  1. Students/Professionals conducting technical or service offerings research. Requesting general information, no particular project in question.

Please provide your contact information and a brief description of the information you are seeking. The appropriate staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.*

  1. Early in the concept/layout phase and needing clarification regarding processing options; conversation regarding the implications of ICIs packaging abilities vs. others would be useful; trying to find a cheaper packaging solution for a product currently in production and need to define process, challenges, change implications, budgetary quote.

Please provide your contact information, available information regarding services you are interested in, and as many product details as possible (i.e. wafer dimensions, pad size/pitch, etc.). After reviewing your information, you will be contacted by ICI.* 

  1. Need is imminent, design information is available, and know which service is right for your application. Would like a quote.

Please fill out the RFQ. ICI will review and contact you as soon as possible.*

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*Every attempt will be made to reply to your request within 24 hours.

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